Glasses-holders for cryostraws Margaritka (Daisy)

Description Characteristics

Plastic glass "Margaritka" (d = 65mm, h = 135mm) with multi-colored pencil cases/visotubes is designed for freezing and storage of biomaterial in cryostraw.

High-quality Cryostraws CBS are placed in glasses for storage in freezers. The visotubes are available in 11 different colors.

In configuration "Margaritka" glass contains 11 vizotubes of different colors and can contain a maximum of 168 cryostraws CBG by 0.3 ml or 0.5 ml.

  Trangular/ Visotubes  Margaritka glass
120mm 135mm
Pack 100 1
Cryostraw PETGO 0.25мl 45 540
Cryostraw PETG 0.5мl 20 240
High quality Cryostraws CBS ** 14 168