Article: CR-319150

The Cryotek company presents AROMAinject - an automatic machine for dosed injection into containers (PET, aluminum, glass, etc.) of liquid ingredients (flavors, flavoring additives, etc.) directly on the beverage bottling line at a speed of up to 45,000 doses/hour.
AROMAinject is a new class of dosing devices for the drinking water industry, in particular, the Water Plus beverage market.

Now it’s easy to organize the bottling of water with natural flavors and vitamins. To do this, it is enough to install an AROMAinject on the water bottling line, which will inject a given dose of liquid flavor or additive into each bottle directly during the bottling process. To change a flavor or flavoring additive, just rinse the AROMAinject (for example, with ozonated water) and fill it with a new flavor.
The installation is mounted on all types of filling (linear, monoblock, triblock, etc.) and operates in automatic mode.