Cryocontroller Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics is a remote monitoring device that can display the operating conditions of remote telemetry modules RTU in the SINTESY.eagle surveillance and control system (S100, S110, S120, S140, ...).

Basic functions of module:

  • collection of all incoming alarms (for example, pressures/levels/temperatures) from gas systems or laboratories;
  • temperature monitoring and control in cryostorages or inside cryobanks/biobanks, in fertilization centers (in vitro), as well as in biological laboratories;
  • in the event of alarm, audible signals and visual indicators are activated.

Alarm signals are displayed on a color LCD screen in chronological order and consist of pre-configured text messages. The message contains description of the alarm, its location and type. When you press the "Alarms" button on the touch screen, the operator receives access to the list of deviations in the system.

The module can be used in MASTER (master) or SLAVE (slave) mode.
In MASTER mode the module detects alarms generated by various system telemetry devices.
In SLAVE mode the module displays alarm status in restricted areas of the system, copying the surveillance device.

Power supply ~24V, 15VA
Backup battery (optional) 24V
For settings and bitmap images save SD-Card up to 2GB
Color LCD display 320x240, 5,7 "
Screen sensor
Current mode and Power Up green LCD
Alarm warning medium priority, yellow LCD
Emergency alarm high priority, emergence mode, red LED
Emergency alarm pressure ˃ 70dB at a distance of 1 m
Working temperature 0/ +60°С
Storage temperature -20/ +70°С