Cryocontroller S170 Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

S170 is a device designed to control temperature and level of liquid nitrogen in cryogenic tanks.

The device includes two different blocks: the base module and the operator module. S170 is connected to a power source, but can also be equipped with a backup battery that guarantees autonomous operation for 24 hours. The battery is automatically charged from the base module.

  • Main features of the S170:

    The unit measures level of liquid nitrogen and internal temperature in the Dewar vessel (at two different points)
  • Temperature, level and alarms are displayed on the backlit LCD
  • Automatic/manual filling
  • Detection and control of alarm status
  • Cap status detection (with mist removal function, accelerated freezing and time delay)
  • Hot gas bypass function (optional)
  • Full compatibility with other SINTESY devices
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use keyboard allows you to simplify any action.
  • Up to 4000 data stored in programmed time intervals
  • Up to 400 registered events
Power supply 230VAC, power 30W (max.)
Battery external battery can be used
2 batteries 12V, 2,3 A/h
Electronic control 16-bit flash microcontroller
2 temperature sensors PT100, range + 35°С/-230°С, accuracy +/- 1.0°С
Bypass 24V DC or AC, mask. 10W.
Bypass sensor PT100, range + 35°С/-230°С, accuracy +/- 2.0°С
LCD display 2-lines x16 characters, 8 buttons
Alarms red LED on the LCD
Fill state yellow LED on the front panel
Alarm suppression "Mute" button, function is active up to 15 minutes
Manual fill function "Full" button on the front panel
Languages messages with translation in 6 languages. The following languages are available: Italian, English, French, Spanish
Remote control panel function control of S170, connected to the external PC