Cryocontroller Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics is a programmable logic controller (PLC) for automation and full control of the cryobank/biobank status and a cryogenic pipeline with liquid nitrogen. All processes are controlled using special software SINTESY.

Basic functions of the module

  • degassing of the vacuum pipeline, control of up to 4 different trunk lines, with 4 inlet solenoid valves, 4 outlet solenoid valves and 4 PT100 sensors to determine the correct filling temperature;
  • control of filling process sequence off the cryostorages;
  • control of the external vessel with liquid nitrogen by determining its pressure and level;
  • control of each cryostorage (temperature, level, filling, alarm, time delay, maintenance, etc.);
  • monitoring of parameter up to 32 cryo-storages;
  • sending alarms to operators and service personnel for voice calls, as well as SMS and E-mail over the GSM network;
  • managing operator safety, reading oxygen sensor parameters and activating a ventilation system;
  • direct connection to S210.smartSensor is provided;
  • start / stop filling procedure using the touch screen.
Power supply ~24V, 15VA
Backup battery (optional) 24V
Settings and bitmap images save SD-card to 2 GB
Color LCD display 320x240, 5,7 "
Screen sensor
Power supply green LCD
Emergency condition high priority, emergence mode, red LED
Digital inputs and outputs up to 64
Analog inputs and outputs up to 16 (usually 4/20 or 0/20 мА)
When alarm is detected up to 32 voice messages/ sms-messages
Emergency call numbers up to до 8 numbers
Emergency alarm pressure ˃ 70dB at a distance of 1 m
Working temperature 0/ +60°С
Storage temperature -20/ +70°С