Data logger S2000 Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

S2000 – data logger with USB-connector is designed for remote monitoring and control of the laboratory with installed equipment.

The S2000 is a portable device that can detect temperature values even when biomaterial transporting. The device is equipped with a dual power source (internal and additional external power source) and allows to control large amount of physical quantities.

S2000 electronic unit stores various types of information: values read by input sensors, module status, events, and alarms; this ensures maximum safety and reliability of the system. Recordings are sent in groups via a Wi-Fi network or via a USB connection to a PC/server with installed SINTESY special software to record and display all data.

Versions S2000 differ in principle of information reading, in some cases simultaneously the following values:

  • RTD (resistance temperature sensor), PT100 or PT1000, with accuracy of ± 0.1°C;
  • analog signals 4/20 mA, from various sensors (O2, CO2, pressure, etc.) and with an accuracy of ± 30 μA. If a sensor is passive, an external power source is required;
  • environment temperature and relative humidity are determined by a special sensor installed inside the module to ensure safety, monitor and control conditions in the working areas;
  • serial communication ports, such as RS232 and RS485, to provide communication with special equipment.

Main characteristics:

External power supply ~230V/24V
Accuracy ±0,1°C to ±0,2°C (RTD), ±30 mА (4/20 mA signals)
Sampling time 2 to 3600 sec
LCD screen SHARP "Memory LCD" technology
Records storage 250 000 to 270 000
Alarm alert red LED, sound annunciator
Password access double level

Available versions of S2000

Version Main characteristics
S2000-P1 1 PT1000 sensor, range -200/100°C, temperature/humidity sensor
S2000-P2 2 PT1000 sensors, range -200/100°C, temperature/humidity sensor
S2000-420 2 inputs 4/20 or 0/20 mA
S2000-P1-TrH 1 PT1000 sensor, -200/100°C range, temperature/humidity sensor (-20/60°C, 0/100%)
S2000-P2-TrH 2 PT1000 sensors, -200/100°C range, temperature/humidity sensor (-20/60°C, 0/100%)
S2000-420-TrH 2 inputs 4/20 or 0/20 mA, temperature/humidity sensor (-20/60°C, 0/100%)
S2000-RS485 read the operating parameters of equipment equipped with RS485 interface
S2000-RS232 reading of operating parameters of equipment equipped with RS232 interface
S2000-P1 USB 1 PT1000 sensor, -200/100°C range, temperature/humidity sensor
S2000-P2 USB 2 PT1000 sensors, range -200/100°C, temperature/humidity sensor