Access control S180 and S182 Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

S180, S182 is a system for providing access control to the cryobank/biobank rooms.

The S180 device is the proposed SYNTESY access control solution. It can be used as a stand-alone device or as part of a wider system including the control system terminals. The S180 is capable of managing up to 4 system reader units with radio frequency identification technology called S182.

The access control system developed by SINTESY allows you to set different profiles for different cards in order to control access to secret areas, where only authorized employees must be inside and outside. You can set the opening time of each door using electric locks and monitor status of the contacts (open/closed door).

S180 and S182 are usually installed inside a cryobank/biobank or biological laboratory, which is managed by the system.

Power supply 24V
Microcontroller 16-bit with flash memory Flash Eeprom
Memory 1000 recent access calls
4 outputs programmable relay with NC and NO contacts
4 inputs programmable, digital
Card reading ability contactless cards, individual cards
Alarm sound device included in delivery set