Sintesy.eagle.easy software

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

The SINTESY.eagle.easy software is a medical product and is a SCADA (Central Control and Data Acquisition) system designed for real-time monitoring of laboratories and biobanks, even those located on different floors and in different buildings.

The SINTESY.eagle.easy control system is a flexible solution to meet any user need with built-in expandability. Thanks to the data logger S2000 SINTESY, connected to SINTESY.eagle.easy via Wi-Fi or USB, it is possible to control temperature and relative humidity.

The SINTESY.eagle.easy software is equipped with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that allows the administrator to fully customize it by importing graphs, photos and even 3D visualizations of controlled environments.

At the heart of the system is a powerful database that makes it possible to view logged values ​​- in the form of a table or graph - and obtain detailed reports useful for the administrative staff log.

SINTESY.eagle.easy notifies you of various alarms through recorded voice messages via telephone answering machine, SMS and e-mail.

Main characteristics:

  • The system was developed in accordance with the regulations and special guidelines used for biological laboratories and IVF centers.
  • Simultaneous interaction with many devices installed in different rooms or buildings, using the existing structure of the local network: both wired and wireless.
  • Display of physical quantities, their configuration and operating status (normal, alarm, shutdown, maintenance).
  • Saving the collected data at intervals configured by the system administrator.
  • Storage of alarms (e.g. limit values ​​exceeded, missed connections, batteries, etc.)
  • Event storage (for example, user login/logout, connection from remote devices, etc.)
  • Alarm management, send voice call/SMS/email to up to eight users via S140 phone
  • Ability to obtain data in both tabular and graphic form for easy visualization and analysis over time.
  • It is possible to export data to Excel and JPG format.
  • Control and monitoring of access to a computer system.
  • Simple and intuitive data management system (multiple search criteria).
  • Multilingual and multiuser support.