Sintesy.eagle.lab software

Description Characteristics

The SINTESY.eagle.lab software is a medical product and is a SCADA (Central Control and Data Acquisition System) system designed to manage and monitor the status of biolabs and biobanks in real time, even if the departments are located on different floors or in different buildings.

The SINTESY.eagle.lab control system is based on a powerful base, with which you can create tables and build graphs from the recorded values, as well as the alarms that occur on the equipment are stored in the database, with the date and time of activation and restoration of normal conditions.

The SINTESY.eagle.lab software is equipped with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that allows the administrator to fully customize it by importing graphs, photographs and even 3D visualization of controlled environments.

Main characteristics:

  • Display of alarms in real time.
  • Real-time display of physical values ​​such as pressure, level, temperature, etc.
  • Memorization of measured values ​​at a frequency set by the user.
  • Storage of events and alarms;
  • Data recovery in graph or table format with subsequent export to Excel.
  • Sending alarms via the S140 phone in the GSM network with the ability to send voice messages, SMS and e-mail.
  • View SCADA via internal network or local internet.
  • Possibility of "inspection" with periodic reports reflecting the condition of the entire facility.
  • The ability to change the alarm threshold from the local or remote side (after gaining access on behalf of the administrator).
  • Designed in accordance with GMP and CFR21 Part-11 recommendations.
  • Multilingual support (IT, EN, FR, DE, others on request).