Sintesy.eagle.telemetry software

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

SINTESY.eagle.telemetry, a wireless network based telemetry system, is the ideal solution for monitoring industrial, medical equipment and systems, sometimes located in hard-to-reach places, which overcomes the limitations set by conventional communication systems such as LAN and RS485 protocol .

The telemetry system consists of:

  • SINTESY.S140 is a medical device designed to measure various physical quantities (pressure, temperature, level, alarm contacts, etc.) of controlled equipment and systems. The S140 is an efficient data logger with internal memory capable of recording over 10,000 data and up to 1,000 events, including alarm detection, power failure, and GSM module actions. The S140 is an RTU module equipped with a SIM card that, in the event of an emergency, allows you to forward voice calls, SMS and / or e-mail to selected operators, promptly warning you of any dangerous situations.
  • SINTESY.eagle.telemetry is a software designed to record and manage data collected with S140 modules installed in various systems or equipment.

Main characteristics:

  • Equipment monitoring with sensors connected to the S140 module.
  • Sending the data collected by S140 to the telemetry server SINTESY.eagle.telemetry.
  • Manage multiple connections from different devices.
  • Sampling and storage of data on various types of physical quantities (e.g. pressure, level, temperature, etc.)
  • Detection of any alarms according to the working mode of operation
  • Ability to register new devices to the system.
  • Geolocation of devices using an interactive map.
  • Quick consultation on the obtained measurements, also with 3D visualization of the equipment.
  • Ability to export logged data, alarms, operating parameters and administrative information (eg contracts).
  • Remote control.
  • General operating parameters of the device (S140).
  • Wireless module parameters and corresponding address book.
  • Analog/Digital Input Parameters Monitoring Equipment.
  • Global address book management.