Sintesy.eagle.trace software

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

Sintesy.eagle.trace software is a modular system for tracking and identifying biological samples in laboratories or biobanks, a certified medical device in accordance with European Directive 93/42/EEC.

Sintesy.eagle.trace integrates perfectly with automation and control systems for cryobanks and biobanks, SINTESY.eagle.cryo and SINTESY.eagle.lab.

Given the unique characteristics of biomaterials and the nature of the associated data, it is essential to use the right software to keep samples of high value. The overall structure of the system is a client-server web application.

Through integration with SINTESY.eagle.cryo and SINTESY.eagle.lab. (detection of temperature alarms in storage) allows you to mark samples in a state of danger, highlighting a possible problem for biological samples in the event of a temperature deviation.

Data management depends on the needs and size of the biobank. SINTESY.eagle.trace can always guarantee a high level of reliability and easy access to stored information.

Main characteristics:

  • Operations: formation, reading, transfer, updates, unloading of samples;
  • Registration of users who can access and work with the system;
  • User rights management through function assignment (operational restrictions) and subscription (data access restrictions);
  • Full control of the work of cold rooms;
  • Find and place the sample inside the freezer (6 levels of coordinates, from one tube/cryobank box);
  • Tracking in the database of all operations performed by users;
  • Пользователь может настроить внутреннюю графическую структуру криогенного замораживателя.
  • Отслеживание температур, регистрируемых биологических образцов (графические зависимости), подключая базу данных к SINTESY.eagle.cryo или SINTESY.eagle.lab;
  • Создание и печать специальных этикеток со штрих-кодом для каждого образца (в соответствии с ISBT 128);
  • Считывание штрих-кодов для моментального получения информации об образце;
  • Связь биологической пробы с донором;
  • Печать отчетов, касающихся: хранения: температуры, перемещение во времени, операций, выполняемых с биобразцом.