Light indication S185 Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

S185 "traffic light" - light and sound alarm.

S185 device has the following indicator lights:

  • red indicator for alarms;
  • yellow indicator for possible dangers;
  • green indicator for normal and safety operation conditions.

In emergency condition S185 device can activate an acoustic indicator, which can be temporarily turned off using the button installed on the main panel.

S185 "traffic light" characteristics

Power supply 24V
Visual indicators constant flashing
Indicators optional flat round
Installation height from the floor 200 cm

Versions of S185 "traffic light"

Version Red indicator Yellow indicator Backlight Buzzer Silence button Mute key
V00 x x x x   x(0`-90`)
V01 x x x x x  
V02 x x x x    
V03 x x   x    
V04 x   x x    
V05 x x x x   x(0-45°)