Universal sensor S-210.smart Sintesy

Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

S-210.smart Syntesy is a versatile sensor for determining gas content, temperature and relative humidity with a 4.3-inch color LCD display and a touch screen, in a small case.

S-210.smart device can be equipped with one or several different sensors:

  • oxygen sensor (O2);
  • carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor;
  • propane sensor (C3H8);
  • temperature and humidity sensor;
  • methane sensor (CH4);
  • flammable gas sensor.

Main technical characteristics

Power supply 24V, 150mA
4 digital outputs 24V;
- regular
- warning,
- alarm
- sound signal
2 digital inputs 24V;
- temporary suppression
- permanent remote suppression
Sound emitter - double tone
- single tone,
- siren
Emergency alarm pressure > 70 dB per 1 m
Mute sound no more than 15 min
Permanent sound suppression password required
Internal data logger - 60000 data
- 10,000 events,
- sampling time from 1 to 65000 seconds.
- micro SD card 2 GB
Dimensions (W x L x H) 90х160х50mm
Working temperature -15/50°C
Storage temperature -20/60°C

S210 basic versions

Version 6 inputs PT1000 4 PT1000 inputs PRH sensor RS485 + buzzer 4 inputs 4 / 20mA 2 relays Outputs 24V SD RTC card
V50 х   х х х х х х
V51 х   х х х х х х
V52 х     х х х х х
V53 х     х       х
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V56   х   х х х х х
V57   х   х       х