Production: Italy-USA
Description Characteristics

HECT horizontal stationary cryogenic tanks are manufactured by Chart VRV in Italy and have a wide range of models: volume from 3,000 liters to 6,000 * liters and three versions for 18 bar maximum operating pressure. Designed for storage and delivery of liquefied atmospheric gases and LNG: liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR), liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), liquid nitrous oxide (LN2O) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The HECT tank is a horizontal "vessel within a vessel" design, in which the inner tank and the strapping pipes are made of stainless steel, and the outer vessel (casing) is made of carbon steel with a strong, environmentally friendly coating in accordance with the requirements of industry standards. The cavity between the vessels has a vacuum-perlite insulation to minimize the evaporation of cryogenic liquid due to heat flows from the environment. Thanks to Chart Vacuum Technology®, HECT cryogenic tanks have excellent technical characteristics. The tanks have an attractive European design, are equipped with shut-off and control and safety valves, and instrumentation and control equipment of the world's leading manufacturers.

Control and measuring devices on HT tanks have a Certificate of Approval of the type of measuring instruments (Metrological Certificate), which means that they are approved for use in the territory of the Russian Federation and you will not have any difficulties when passing the annual verification of measuring instruments.

Developed in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 13458 and Directive 2014/68/EU and meet the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 032/2013 "On the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure".

On request, the tanks can be equipped with a telemetry system (4...20mA) for remote monitoring of the liquid level and pressure in the tank. All the necessary adapters for refueling from a gas station or from a transport tank of the TTC type are available.

The delivery package includes full technical documentation in Russian, including the pressure vessel Passport and the Operating Manual.

* Larger containers are also available on request.

Model Total volume Outer diameter Empty vessel weight on 18 bar Height
HECT litr mm kg mm
HECT-3/1 3 300 1 680 2 300 3 400
HECT-6/18 5 950 1 680 3 500 5 800