Perma-Cyl 5000 MAXX


Stationary cryovessels-gasifiers Perma-Cyl 5000 MAXX Standard with a built-in product evaporator, designed for a liquid product volume of 4612 l, pressure up to 18 bar / 37 bar, gas capacity (nitrogen, oxygen, argon) up to 20 Nm3/h *, output up to 65 is possible Nm3/h* and/or 130Nm3/h*, gas capacity (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide) up to 7 Nm3/h*, output of 20 Nm3/h* and/or 42 Nm3/h* is possible.

*continuous flow for 8 hours a day at an ambient temperature of 20⁰С

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact product with a product evaporator;
  • Automatically optimizes operating pressure and gas usage;
  • All valves and control devices are within easy reach and visibility;
  • The base is in the form of a metal tray for ease of manipulation;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Long storage time and low evaporation rate thanks to super insulation technology;
  • All stainless steel construction and patented inner vessel support system for durability and long life;
  • Occupies up to 65% less space than a bunch of high-pressure cylinders comparable in gas volume.