RMP 160-900/4

Production: Italy-USA
Description Characteristics

RMP atmospheric vaporizers are manufactured by Chart VRV in Italy. The evaporators have a wide range of models: capacity from 30 to 2,500 Nm3 / hour, pressure from 40 to 400 bar.

RMP atmospheric vaporizers are modern heat exchangers for industrial gases and are designed for the gasification of liquefied atmospheric gases and LNG: liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR), liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2), liquid nitrous oxide (LN2O) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The evaporators are designed and tested for resistance to the cyclical effects of low temperatures and ice loads created during the operation of the atmospheric evaporator for a long time. They meet the most stringent requirements accepted in the gas industry.

All models are certified in accordance with the EU Directive for pressure equipment and comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 032/2013 "On the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure".

Испарители атмосферные поставляются в составе газификаторов криогенных холодных на базе емкостей ECT.

Name RMP atmospheric vaporizers
Description Evaporation systems for liquid nitrogen, Oxygen, argon, Liquid carbon dioxide, Liquid nitrous oxide, LNG
Power From 30 to 2500 Nm3 / hour
Pressure From 40 to 400 bar
Standards PED 97/23/EC or ASME
Materials used Aluminum or aluminum and stainless steel
On request Low temperature protection system after the evaporator