The book "Strength from the cold" by Papenfuss V.

Production: Russia
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The first edition in Russian of the manual, published in 2005 in German, immediately translated into English and since then repeatedly reprinted, recognized as the standard of scientific research and clinical application of general air cryotherapy - an innovative technology of physiotherapy.

The book covers in detail the therapeutic effect of general air cryotherapy on the body and its effect on various pathological syndromes, indications and contraindications to the method, possible side effects in its clinical use, features of the use of technology in athletic sports and in resort practice, combination with other types of physiotherapy . The technique of carrying out the procedure and options for constructing a course of general cryotherapy are presented.

Papenfuss V.
Strength from the cold/ Translated from English- Moscow: BINOM Publishing House, 2020.-212s.: ill.
Translated from English under the general editorship of Doctor of Medical Sciences, prof. V.V. Portnov

ISBN 978-5-938912-09-6 (eng.) © 2005-2019 Edition k, Teublitz, Germany
ISBN 978-5-6044568-3-5 (Russian) © Kriotek LLC, 2020