Monograph by Prof.M.Damirov

Production: Russia
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Monograph "Radio-wave, cryogenic and laser technologies in diagnostics and treatment in gynecology" by Prof. M.Damirov, publishing house "Prosveshchenie", 2011. The monograph contains a detailed analysis of radio-wave, cryogenic and laser methods of treatment used in gynecological practice. This is the first general monograph on the use of such innovative technologies in gynecology. Modern methods of diagnosing cervical disease; colposcopic, cytological classifications, peculiarities of material intake for its correct histological interpretation are described in it. Theoretical questions of radio-wave, cryogenic and laser methods of treatment in diagnostics and treatment in gynecology are covered;and also indications and contraindications to their use. Methods of treatment are presented for the most common diseases of the cervix. Particular attention is attended to modern approaches to management patients with squamous intraepithelial lesions of the cervix. The monograph is prepared for obstetrician-gynecologists, post-graduate students, clinical interns, residents and students.

The monograph contains 70 figures, 4 tables; and 282 bibliography reference sources .