Article: CR-251401
228 275 ₽
Production: Russia (Cryotec)
Russia (Cryotec)
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Autonomous portable cryogenic destructor with liquid nitrogen CryoIney-401 is designed for cryodestruction of pathologically altered tissues by local freezing of them with a tip cooled by liquid nitrogen (-196°C).

High-tech design of the cryodestructor ensures stable low temperature of the operating tip during cryodestruction process. Vacuum insulation of the device allows to maintain temperature of the outer case at room value.

Advantages of CryoIney cryodestructor are high freezing power, ergonomic design with adjustable supply of liquid nitrogen and replaceable tips/probes.

Application: gynecology

Cryoagent liquid nitrogen
Operating temperature range from - 90°С to - 170°С depending on type of the tip
Tank capacity 450 ml
Height of cryodestructor 290 mm
Length of cryoprobe CI-401 3000 mm
Empty weight 930 г
Power supply not required