ASKION Robotic Cryobank

Production: Germany

The Cryobank on the basis of the ASKION hermetic robotic tanks HS200S, having no world analogues in terms of functionality on the market. Sealed cryostorages are the development of the German company and ASKION GmbH have a number of new solutions in comparison with classic tanks, in particular:

- integrity, which prevents accumulation of moisture and ice inside the cryostorages;

- automatic loading for storage and unloading of samples in cryovials, using software-controlled onboard manipulator;

- external automationwhich combines all of cryostorages HS200's Cryobank into a single system for loading and unloading samples from a single point;

- storage of samples in liquid nitrogen vapor at a temperature below minus 150°C, which eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination, etc.

This includes Cryobank cryogenic infrastructure management system Cryobank and database with the history of biological samples.