CryoJet C200 Physio (Cryo 6) - cryotherapy apparatus

10 900 €
Production: Germany
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Installation for local air cryotherapy CryoJet C200Physio (Cryo 6) removes pain and inflammation, improves microcirculation of blood, restores motor functions of joints. CryoJet C200 Physio (Cryo 6) has a new modern design and internal components. It is a non-flow cryotherapy unit of the last generation, which provides supply of air cooled to -40°C in the form of drained air stream to any part of the body. It is intended for application in such areas as: rheumatology, orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, dermatology, cosmetology, fitness.

Air speed 350-1000 l/min
Air flow temperature -40˚С
Hose length 180 cm
Height 85 cm
Width 39 cm
Depth 64 cm
Weight 60 kg