Face protection mask Clear-Cryo

89 €
Production: Italy
Description Characteristics

The Clear-Cryo face mask is designed to protect the face, front of the head and neck from splash, dripping, splashing, etc. when handling with liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids.
Protects against UV rays and can be used for a long time, as it does not cause fatigue, visual curvature of the object and does not distort colors also. It is made of materials specially designed for this field of use. Successfully tested at long contact to liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) (RDP 0913/2015 - Institute of Scientific Research M. Masini).

EU certificate of Category 3.

Ergonomic hemispherical design. Hypoallergenic materials. Head bandage (from sweat). Convenient adjustment with a slope of up to 90°. Transparent screen from polycarbonate.

Dimensions: 395 x 240 x 2 mm.