HS-200 S

Article: HS-200 S
Production: Germany
Description Characteristics

Sealed cryostorages HS-200 S , the company ASKION GmbH (Germany) comes with a semi-automatic or fully robotic system loading and unloading of samples of biomaterials and their storage in gas phase liquid nitrogen at temperatures below -150°C.

The main advantage of sealed tanks system HS-200's is to maintain a continuous cold chain for the samples in the process of loading and unloading of the storage system. The upper limit temperature during storage does not exceed -150°C, but during processing in the working area of cryostorages are not higher than -110°C.

Sealed cryostorages HS-200 S allows to store up to 50,000 cryovials with a volume of 0.5 ml with quick access to any of them via the database firmware.

Dimensions 125х180х245 cm
Weight, max. 900 kg
Temperature range in the cryogenic vessel ≤-150°С
Temperature range in the working area (accuracy ± 2,5°С) from normal to -100°С
Time to reach operating temperature
(for working area -100°C), max.
15 min
Storage of samples in gas phase of liquid nitrogen
Liquid nitrogen consumption
(In standby)
12 kg/days
Emergency cooling up to 4 days
Power supply
- maximum power consumption
- backup system
700 Wt (230V. 10А. 50Hz)
˂4.5 kW for 24 hrs
Refrigerant agent liquid nitrogen
Operation pressure 1.4 bar