MVE Fusion

Article: MVE Fusion
Production: USA
Description Characteristics

MVE Fusion ® is the world's first self-contained cryogenic storage facility that provides long-term storage of bio-samples in the dry phase with minimal consumption of liquid nitrogen and electricity.

After initial refueling, the MVE Fusion ® maintains the required temperature profile without requiring a constant supply of liquid nitrogen. The cryogenic storage facility can be used in remote or isolated areas, at high altitudes, and with pipelines with minimal or no vacuum insulation.

Distinctive features:

  • Offline operation mode
  • Storage of samples in the dry phase
  • Lowest lifting height of the sample loading/unloading rack
  • Two-stage folding stand

Warranty for spare parts and vacuum system 1 year

Maximum storage capacity  
Test tubes of 1.2 and 2 ml (with internal thread) 31200
Number of cryobox racks per 100 cells 20
Number of mini racks for cryoboxes for 25 cells 16
Number of shelves in the rack 13
Operational characteristics  
Liquid nitrogen volume (internal pressure vessel) 50 l
Volume of liquid nitrogen under the pallet (не требуется)
Cryopreservation dimensions  
Inner diameter of the neck 318 mm
Usable internal height 752 mm
Inner diameter 975 mm
Overall height 1625 mm
Total depth 1450 mm
Lifting height of the rack for loading into the cryopreservation 944 mm
Required width of the doorway for the receptacle with handles** 1105 mm
Empty cryopreservation weight * 340 kg
Weight with liquid nitrogen (50 l cryopreservation tank and cryocooler), without racks, calculated 377 kg


Cryopackage capacity Total packages Packages per frame Quantity of frames
791 OS/U Medsep (25 ml) 2296 7 328
4R9951 (50 ml) 1484 7 212
4R9953 (250 ml) 752 4 188
4R9955 (500 ml) 592 4 148
DF200 (200 ml) 416 4 104


* Without a storage system.
** The minimum width of the doorway required to bring the equipment into the room. The area at the base may vary. Contact technical support for detailed drawings.

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