Whole-body air cryosauna CrioSpace 2К (-110°C)

Production: Germany
Description Characteristics

Air two-chamber cryosauna CryoSpace 2K is a modern high-tech medical cryogenic complex for general air cryotherapy without use of liquid nitrogen. It includes a chamber and a pre-chamber for cryoprocedures, a three-stage refrigeration machine, power and control cabinets and an external condenser.

The unit operates using a 3-stage refrigeration machine that cools ordinary atmospheric air to -120°C and transfers it inside the cryosauna in the form of a vertically downward laminar flow.

  • The temperature in the pre-chamber is -60°С
  • The temperature in the main chamber is -110°C

Fields of application: rheumatology, orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, sports medicine, dermatology and cosmetology.

Indications for use:

  • primary prevention of diseases, including psychological rehabilitation;
  • secondary prevention - treatment of diseases;
  • increased endurance and performance in sports.

Advantages of air cryosauna CryoSpace:

  • comfort, objective and subjective safety, environmental compatibility;
  • stability and continuity of the cold therapeutic factor;
  • compatibility with other health and physiotherapy procedures;
  • no age restrictions;
  • no temperature gradient along the whole body;
  • no regular consumables;
  • full self-contained operation during the day, week, month, etc.;
  • European design, soft lighting, special handrails and floor covering, musical accompaniment;
  • cost of ownership per year is no more than 1.5% of the purchase price of CryoSpace.
Cooling medium atmosphere air
Temperature -60°C in the prechamber
-110°C in the main chamber
Throughput Up to 5 people per session
Procedure duration 1-3 minutes
Multiplicity of procedures Every day or every other day
Treatment course 10-20 procedures, 2 times per year


Options Cryosauna Refrigeration unit Electric cabinet
Width 4200 mm 2400 mm 2000 mm
Depth 2100 mm 900 mm 400 mm
Height 2800 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Weight 1300 кг 1500 кг 450 кг
Supply voltage 380В ±5% 380В ±5% 380В ±5%
Power input 20кВт / 63А 20кВт / 63А 20кВт / 63А
Working temperature -110˚С