Cryosurgical instrument CryoStik 2.0

Article: CR-34420
19 776 ₽
Production: Russia (Cryotec)
Russia (Cryotec)
Description Characteristics

Cryotool CryoStik 2.0 is designed for cryodestruction of small volumes of pathological neoplasms in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, dentistry and laryngology. This cryosurgical tool is contact: after placing its tip in liquid nitrogen (-195°C) the instrument can be used in various areas of the skin and mucous membrane. Replaceable tips with different diameters and shapes make it possible to choose the best option for cryodestruction process. The tool is easy to use due to the ergonomic shape of the handle.

Length of the cryoinstrument assembly 214 mm
Rod diameter 9 mm
Weight of the cryoinstrument including a tip 80 g
Cryoagent for cooling cryoinstrument liquid nitrogen
Tip temperature after complete cooling ~ -195 ºС
Tip temperature after 30 seconds of cryoinfluence ~ -130 ºС
Time to reach operating mode, no more than 2 min
Continuous operation time 2 min


Cryoinstrument 1
Replaceable tips 5
Termos 0,35 1
Holder cover 1