Article: CR-394012
Production: Russia (Cryotec)
Russia (Cryotec)

The liquid nitrogen level and temperature monitoring module CryoLTM-12 is designed for measurement, indication and emergency notification (light and sound) of a critically low level of liquid nitrogen and elevated temperature in the upper zone of the racks (canisters) of a Dewar vessel with biomaterials.

CryoLTM-12 carries out measurement and indication (monitoring) of liquid nitrogen level and temperature online using two PT1000 temperature sensors, pre-mounted at different height levels, and a measuring module based on a 2TPM1 thermostat with light and sound alarms.

CryoLTM-12 on a telescopic stand (tripod) is located next to the Dewar vessel in such a way as to connect the temperature sensors located inside the Dewar vessel to the measuring module through a connector using a low-current cable 1200 mm long, which is included in the product delivery package.