Article: MV-21007700
Production: USA
Description Characteristics

The MVE CryoShipper CT-50 dewar vessel provides transport of 2 25 ml bloodbags for 10 days. Holds 5,0 liters of liquid nitrogen.

Specialized MVE transport vessels meet the needs for the transportation and storage of unique biological samples. The CryoShipper CT-50* and CT-250* series MVE vessels are designed to carry cryopackages of a certain size. The rack design accommodates one to two cryopackages and prevents the sample from moving during transport.

Distinctive features:

  • Welded construction for extra strength

The vacuum system is guaranteed for 2 years

* CT-Cell Therapy.

Maximum storage capacity  
Number of bloodbags 2 (25 ml)
Liquid nitrogen capacity without storage system, calculated 5 l
Static holding time 10 days
Static evaporation rate* 0,5 l/days
Unit dimensions  
Inner diameter of the neck 97,0 mm
Overall height 380 mm
Outer diameter 368 mm
Weight empty 8 kg
Weight Charged vapor 12 kg

* Static evaporation rate and static storage rate are nominal.
The actual static storage rate and performance may vary depending on atmospheric conditions, sample temperature, and usage.
Complies with MDD 93/42/EEC, the EU Medical Equipment Directive.

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