Article: MC-20910602
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The Dewar flask ET-47/6 with a volume of 47.7 l is a “vessel-in-vessel” type tank, which has a screen-vacuum super-insulation of the inter-wall space, which allows minimizing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen due to heat inflows at a temperature of -196°C.

The Dewar flask was developed by the American company MVE Biological Solutions, the inner and outer vessels are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the neck that connects them is made of durable fiberglass with very low thermal conductivity.

Thanks to careful process control, robotic welding and packaging methods, the quality, durability and functionality of the vessel corresponds to the best traditions of the MVE brand, at a relatively low cost.

Designed for transportation and storage of vaccines of agricultural animals and birds, as well as biomaterials in liquid nitrogen.

Key Features:

  • High strength aluminum alloy structure;
  • Multilayer thermal insulation design;
  • Protective jacket to prevent impacts;
  • Maintains liquid nitrogen over an 8-12 week cycle;
  • Low consumption of liquid nitrogen;
  • Lockable lid;