Article: MC-20005428

Dewar flask YDS-5-200 with a volume of 5 liters and a wide neck with a diameter of 200 mm is designed for short-term storage of large biospecimens and low-temperature processing of parts.

The Dewar flask is a “vessel-in-vessel” type tank, which has a screen-vacuum super-insulation of the inter-wall space, which allows minimizing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen due to heat inflows at a temperature of -196°C.

The Dewar flask was developed by the American company MVE Biological Solutions, the inner and outer vessels are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the neck that connects them is made of durable fiberglass with very low thermal conductivity.

Designed for laboratory and general industrial use.

Key Features:

  • The vessels are made of high-strength aluminum alloy;
  • Multilayer screen-vacuum thermal insulation;
  • The protective casing of the vessel protects against possible damage when moving the vessel;