Article: MC-20413289
347 $
Production: USA-China
USA-China USA-China
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Dewar vessel YDS-6L, volume 6 l  for transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen.
Designed by the American company MVE Biological Solutions this Dewar is a “vessel-in-vessel” made of high-strength aluminum alloy with screen vacuum insulation, which allows to minimize the evaporation of liquid nitrogen caused by heat inflows at temperature -196° C.
 Designed for laboratory and industrial use.

Nominal volume, liters 6
Empty vessel weight, kg 5
Neck I.D., mm 50
Outer diameter, mm 287
Height, mm 435
Losses, liters/day* 0,12
Static storage time, day 63

*At 20˚ and 760 mm Hg