Article: CH-F-25000967
Production: France-USA
Description Characteristics

Vertical vessel XRP 60 with a capacity of 60 liters under pressure up to 1.5 bar for storage and delivery of liquid nitrogen and argon. It is a "vessel in a vessel" made of non-magnetic stainless steel. Equipped with flange Pneurop NW 50, with internal diameter of a neck 50 mm, which fixes the head of the fluid transfer device TAP, equipped with a pressure regulator, pressure gauge and safety valve. The vessel is usually supplied with a plug. For laboratory and industrial applications.

Total capacity, liters 60
Empty weight, kg 34
Mass of a full vessel with liquid nitrogen, kg 86.5
Losses of liquid nitrogen, l/day (without head of fluid transfer device) 1.8
Maximum working pressure, kg/cm2 1.5
Neck I.D., mm 50
Overall height, mm 915
Internal height, mm 698
O.D.,mm 460
Standard DESP 97/23 CE
Flange NW50 yes