Laboratory module WB-230

Article: AS-A0.2561.0000
Production: Germany
Description Characteristics

Laboratory module WB-230 with cryogenic working area and three independent program freezers. It is a working space for processing, sorting, recovery and packaging of the biomaterial samples at temperatures from -100°C to room temperature. For laboratory use.

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm 1860х970х2030
Empty weight, kg 300
Weight at full load, kg 450
Working pressure, bar 0
Electric drive for height adjustment Adjustable range 30 cm (option)
Openings for operator hands Two, closed with gloves (heated gloves as option)
Barcode reader Built-in, one-dimensional/two-dimensional (option)
Quantity of independent program freezers with lift 3
Working temperature range From room temperature to -100°C
Temperature range in the freezer zone From + 15°C to -160°C
Resolution of temperature values ​​on the display 0.01°C
Temperature deviation ± 2.5°C (from the target freezing curve)
Cooling speed in freezer 0.01-50 deg/min
Cooling rate of samples
Usually 10 deg/min (depending on the volume of samples, format and material)
Time to reach operating temperature Max. 45 minutes (for working area -100°C)
Control system PC with 15" LCD touch screen, on a moving stand
Connection to laboratory / hospital information system
Customizable software interface (based on customer requirements)
Power supply
Maximum power consumption is 1000 Wt (230V, 50Hz)
Refrigerant Liquid nitrogen (LN2)