Kriotek — the only Russian company producing commercially since 1996, the portable medical cryosurgical devices are vacuum-insulated working with liquid nitrogen. We use them for the production of high quality environmentally friendly materials (stainless steel, copper, chrome, polytetrafluoroethylene, silicone, etc.). Grouppart Cryoiney received a bronze medal and a diploma of the Geneva salon of inventions.

About the company

The company Kriotek founded in may 1996 by two scientists of the Institute of General Physics RAS, her office is within the Institute. Long-term experience of scientific researches of employees of the company in the field of low temperature physics and cryogenic technology became the basis of the company's activities in the development, production and sales of cryogenic and micro-cryogenic equipment and technologies for medicine, industry, science and s/H. We believe that the company's reputation in the market is the key capital, and it is created for a long time. We create our reputation quietly and thoroughly. However we work operatively, solving tasks and the problems put with our customers and overall market.

Now in the state of the company "Kriotek" 30 permanent highly skilled employees and, if necessary, on a temporary basis and involve experts in various projects. Key positions of the company consists of physicists and engineers cryogenic with extensive experience in engineering and design. Development and production in a short time a small series of high-tech cryogenic technology is one of the foundations activities "Kriotek".

We can be proud that we are one of 2 companies in Europe that owns the technology and know-how for the production of machines for the dosed injection of liquid nitrogen Attinger in PET, aluminum cans and other containers bottling lines and packaging of food products and household chemicals for creating excess pressure inert environment.

  • Completed in the current year will be the testing of a prototype having no analogue in the cryogenic smoke generator for venues, discos, theatre and show performances.
  • In early 2010, the company Kriotek passed the certification process according to ISO 9000 and since then each year passes the inspection for certification.
  • In April 2010, the company Kriotek received the license of Roscosmos on the right of development, production and delivery of cryogenic technical equipment and technologies for the ISS and this time, we are also engaged in development of special cryogenic equipment in the interests of Roscosmos.
  • All our developments and inventions are protected by patents of the Russian Federation and PCT.

The company Kriotek c 2000 is the exclusive distributor in Russia, CIS and Baltic States unique medical installations Krispies and Cryojet for General and local air cryotherapy, first produced by the German company Crio Medizintechnik GmbH, which since 2005 became part of Linde Gas Therapeutics GmbH - daughter of world's largest cryogenic and gas company Linde Group, and then it's cryo-unit was part of a well-known German company Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH.

Kriotek is also the distributor of such well-known European companies as VRV (Italy), Cryo Diffusion (France), Consarctic (Germany), Innovag AG (Germany), Airsonett (Sweden), H&O Equipments (Belgium), Askion (Germany), producing cryogenic tanks and gasifiers, equipment for cryobanks — cryostorages of, program freezers, Dewar vessels, etc., a snow room and much more.

The company Kriotek first organized in Moscow sale of liquid nitrogen in the "small packaging" in the Dewar 6 and 16 litres with delivery to consumers within the city of Moscow. Now use this service more than 900 permanent our customers.

We support constant business contacts with medical institutions across Russia, including the office of the President of the Russian Federation, the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, Military Medical Directorate of the FSB, Honey. Centre Bank of Russia, the Russian Olympic Committee, the sports Ministry, FMBA, MES etc., and also with the leading centers and experts in the field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, pulmonology, sport medicine, cryoconservation.

Our regular customers include more than 1,000 large, medium and small companies, enterprises and institutions in Russia and the CIS. During the existenceI the company we have implemented more than 75 thousand orders for liquid nitrogen and more than 8.5 thousand of orders for equipment.

The company "Kriotek" provides all its clients warranty and post-warranty service, complete documentation in Russian, assists in training to techniques.

We invite to cooperation of legal entities and individuals that are interested in our products and services.