Production: Belgium
Description Characteristics

Dohmeyer DOH-BOX 1500 Cryo-Freezer with an internal volume of 397 liters has been specifically designed to meet the most stringent requirements for freezing, surface freezing or cooling food.

Each Dohmeyer Cryo-Freezer is equipped with a liquid nitrogen supply system (LN₂) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO₂), depending on the product requirements and required capacity of the freezing process. Freezing, surface freezing or cooling occurs directly inside the chamber, cryogenic gases are supplied into the insulated freezer.

Dohmeyer freezers are designed to operate at temperatures up to -60 C with liquid carbon dioxide or up to -110°C with liquid nitrogen.

Each freezer cabinet is equipped with a standard user-friendly touch-screen interface and Siemens PLCs based software.

DOH-BOX Model Model 1500
Model name Gastro Tray
Inner space (WxDxH) 1150x1120x1150 mm
Internal volume 1481 l
Opening for hatch or door (WxH) 850x1100 mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1795x1400x1318 mm
Max. clearance for carts <600х650х1350
Recommended cart sizes 527х650х1300
Trolley model Double Gastro
Refrigerant consumption Max. consumption 700 kg/h