Cosmetology (winter 2019-2020)

Cosmetology (winter 2019-2020)
Russian University of friendship of peoples
Department of dermatology and venereology and cosmetology
(head. the Department honored doctor of Russia, MD, Professor Batkaev E. A.)
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Dear colleagues!

The Department conducts a WINTER set of listeners on training with certificates of the state sample on loop
Professional training in cosmetology (576 hours).All past studies relevant documents are issued and installed state of the sample.

Form of study: full-time, intermittent, using remote technologies.

The course is 19 November 2019 27 April 2020.

List of necessary documents for enrolment in the cycle of professional training in cosmetology (576 hours).

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of the diploma about the higher or average vocational education
  3. Copy of the certificate of completion of internship/residency (if necessary)
  4. A copy of the diploma of professional retraining (when available)
  5. A copy of the specialist certificates and certificates of advanced training in the chosen specialty (if any)
  6. Copy of labor book (certificate of employment if needed)
  7. Documents confirming the change of surname, name or patronymic (if available)

In addition to copies of originals certified copies dokumentooborota.
Copy of employment record book in the absence of the original must be certified by the employer or by the notary.

To enroll in e-mail: neoyou need primativism with a request to enroll in a training cycle with a contact phone number.

Telephone recording: 8-915-023-09-87, 8-915-023-07-61

Address of classes : Moscow, Kolomenskiy proezd, D. 4,building 12 , 7th floor, Department.

Registration of contracts is carried out to the address: street Mikluho-Maklay str., building 21, building 3, room 101 9-17, mon. on Fri.