User agreement

The Site administration offers You the Site services on the conditions set forth in this User agreement (hereinafter "Agreement", "PS").

In this regard, You should carefully read the terms of this User agreement, which are considered by Site Administration as a public offer according to article 437 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation and shall enter into force from the expression You agree to its terms by registration.

By signing up on the website cryotec.ruor use any of its functionality You agree to all the terms of the Agreement, undertake to observe them or to stop using.

The agreement can be changed without any special notice, new edition of the Agreement enters into force from the moment of its publication, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Agreement.

The Site administration recommends that Users regularly check the conditions of the present Agreement for their changes and/or additions. The continued use of the Site by the User after changes and/or additions to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of and assent to such changes and/or additions.

The current version of the Agreement is available at on the Internet

1. General conditions

1.1 Your apartment is no longer yours

2. The terms of use of website

2.1 User Registration on the Website is free, voluntary and by filling out the following Form, available at the Internet:

2.3 in order to use the services of the Site, the User must fill in the relevant Form specified in clause 2.2. Of This Agreement.

2.2 Of This Agreement.

2.4 When filling posted on the Website Form, the User agrees to provide accurate and complete information on matters specified in the Form, including but not limited to, unique for each User login (email address or combination of Latin letters and digits for entering the Site) and password to access the Site and to keep this information up to date.

2.5 the administration of the Site reserves the right, if necessary, to prompt the User for additional information not provided by the Form.

2.6 the User is responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, and compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of the information provided in accordance with this Agreement, and its purity from claims of third parties.

2.7 In the case of providing the wrong information or if the Administration have serious reasons to believe that the information is incomplete or inaccurate, the site Administration has the right to suspend or delete the User account and refuse the User to use their services.

2.8 After submission of the information specified in paragraphs 2.4 and 2.5 of this Agreement, the User must undergo a series of procedures of identification, including confirmation of registration by activating the personal page via the message sent by the Site Administration by emailactionnow e-mail.

2.9 After completion of the registration process, the User can use the chosen username and password to access the personalized services of the Site. In this case, the User is solely responsible for the security of your login and password and for all activities using the services of the Site under login and the password of the User.

2.10 the User is obliged to immediately notify the Website Administration about any case of human (not permitted by the User) is the username and password of the User and/or any other breach of security.

2.11 the User is obliged to carry out a safe shutdown under your password at the end of each session, operate the Website and to ensure the confidentiality of your password to access the Site.

2.12 this Agreement, the User confirms the consent to processing the Site Administration of their personal data, including but not limited to, collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction provided when registering on the Website personal data and data additionally provided by the User upon request of Site Administration.

2.13 Accepting the Present Agreement, the User agrees to use the personal data provided in an anonymised form for statistical and other research purposes.

2.14 by Accepting this Agreement, User confirms his agreement, including the Administration of the Website personal data to third parties with whom the Website Administration has concluded agreements containing provisions regarding confidentiality and nondisclosure of information, as well as to the processing of such Tretime persons of personal data on behalf of the Administration of the Website.

2.15 the Processing of personal data of users in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

2.16 the Site Administration processes the personal data of the User in order to provide the User information services, including to improve the quality and promotion of services, products and goods specified on the Website, and to target personalized (targeted) advertising; inspection, study and analysis of such data to maintain and improve the services and sections of the Website, and to develop new services and sections of the Site.

2.17 the Site Administration takes all necessary measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

2.18 the administration of the Site provides access to the User's personal data to employees, contractors, auditors, agents of the Administration and other third parties who need this information to ensure the functioning of the Website and Services to User.

2.19 the Site Administration has the right to use the User-provided information, including personal data, to ensure compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation (including prevention and/or suppression of illicit and/or illegal actions of Users). Disclosure of User-provided information can be produced in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation at the request of the court, law enforcement, and in other stipulated by the legislation the Russian Federation cases.

2.20 the Selected username and password are required information for the User's access to the Site. The user has no right to transfer their the login and password to third parties and bears full responsibility for their safekeeping, independently choosing a way to store them.

2.21 If the User proves otherwise, any actions committed using the login and password are completed by the respective User.

2.22 In accordance with the effective Russian legislation the user has the right to revoke consent to the processing of personal data.

2.23 Removal of personal data of users from the Site Administration on the personal written request of the User sent to the postal address of Administration: 119991, Moscow, Vavilov street 38, korp. 1, and at the same time to e-mail technical support: The email User should be directed to the email address specified by the User when registering on the Website or amended during subsequent use of the Site.


3. Obligations of the user

3.1 Leave the site until all

4. Liability when using the website

4.1 Criminal

5. Limitation of liability the site administration

5.1 the Mafia is immortal

6. Final provisions

6.1 The end