Children's dermatovenerology.

Children's dermatovenerology.
Russian University of friendship of peoples
Department of dermatology and venereology and cosmetology
(head. the Department honored doctor of Russia, MD, Professor Batkaev E. A.)
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Dear colleagues!
Department of dermatology and venereology and cosmetology of PFUR spends a set of listeners on training with the issuance of certificates of advanced training of the established sample on thematic improvement
Training time with 22.10.2018 for 27.10.2018.
The number of seats is limited.
Invited doctors-dermatologists, cosmetologists and other doctors.

List of necessary documents for admission to the training

  1. Copy of passport (1st page and residence permit)
  2. Copy of the diploma about the educational institution termination (if the diploma and the passport does not match name – the documents confirming the change of surname, name or patronymic)
  3. The certificate of enrollment (for those enrolled in higher or vocational secondary education)



In addition to copies available the original documents or notarized copies (on display).


Telephone recording: 8-915-023-09-87, 8-915-023-07-61


e-mail for filing and personal matters:,

Adrawith of classes - Moscow, Kolomenskiy proezd, D. 4,building 12, Department of