Portable antarktida

Portable antarktida

Leather is one of the largest and most important organs. It protects the body from heat and cold, from infections, chemical and mechanical influences.

However, even such a perfect system is not immune from failures. To date, there are fifteen hundred skin diseases. It and psoriasis, and neurodermatitis, and eczema...

However, the patient is important not the exact name of the disease, and the aesthetic discomfort, which does not leave him for years.

The dream of modern man to swallow a pill and be cured. The amount of drugs that temporarily improve the condition of the skin, growing like an avalanche. Often, however, the new medicine produces immunity, and the disease again comes into its own. From time to time here and there appear the news of the different miracle methods of treatment of diseases of the skin. It's happened so many times that it became clear - another "cure" is likely to give only temporary result and also will not solve the problem. If this were not so, then, for example, psoriasis as a global problem of humanity would have long since not existed.

President Roosevelt, the multimillionaire Rockefeller and many other famous people never have coped with this disease, despite the best efforts of medicine. While doctors say cases of spontaneous, complete recovery even in very severe cases.

This is because nature, fortunately, does not rely on the pharmaceutical industry. She laid the inexhaustible body compensatory ability, many times duplicating them in the organs of life support. But the trouble is that nature does not take into account that people will live in conditions of civilization, when "reserves of strength" of the body gradually turn into rudiments.

Also almost there were no cases of psoriasis in people for a long time living in extreme field conditions.

The simple conclusion arises: the cause of most skin diseases is the loss of the body's ability of civilized man to handle with the disease. In this sense, the unconditional achievement of medicine - techniques that help the body heal itself.

Only a long and laborious work of the physician and patient will help to cope with skin disease. Violation of physiological balance in the body are associated either with the diseases of internal organs or disharmony in the emotional sphere. Failure to comply with the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle also weakens our defense mechanisms. As harmless and, most importantly, effective method of treatment the doctor chooses. In addition, the body must not be immunity even after repeated use. These conditions today suited cryomedicine. Treatment of ultra low temperature (minus 100 degrees Celsius) allows you to completely remove the rash on the skin. Often this is enough to the body itself began to restore the disturbed metabolic processes and to cope with illness. In severe cases when the disease is not willing to give up their rights, doctors hold the effect achieved as long as the stereotype of the disease state will not be broken. The term of treatment - from one month (in most cases) to one or two years (units).

Ultra low temperatures have a local effect on the skin tissue, and General healing for the immune system, cardiovascular system and metabolic processes. The cold spurred regeneration and the activity of protective mechanisms. This method of treatment has been used for over twenty years, therefore, the effect of low temperatures on human well studied. Use a special cryochamber, where the patient spends in the "Antarctica" two or three minutes, and apparatus, which can be affected by cold in certain areas of the skin.

Cryotherapy as the core technology of treatment of skin diseases makes effective and other methods that had not brought results, or asthey reason ceased to operate on the patient. The efficacy of complex treatment in such cases is approaching one hundred percent. The total dose of medications given to the patient during treatment are significantly reduced. And in the future from drugs in General can be waived.

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