How to order liquid nitrogen

How to order liquid nitrogen

If you need liquid nitrogen, the company Kriotek will be happy to help you to acquire it. Liquid nitrogen, its sale and transport are one of the areas of activity of our company. Ordering and sales are carried out directly in the company's office or online. The price is determined by the current price list, there is a system of discounts.

Useful and interesting


Nitrogen is one of the most common gases, the main component of air that we all breathe. However, to allocate it in its pure form, and even translate into aggregate state of the fluid, the scientists were possible not at once. Nitrogen has long been considered "permanent" , that is not susceptible to liquefaction gas. But when the end of the 19th century to do this managed, we found a truly amazing properties of this substance.



The amazing properties of liquid nitrogen - low temperature (boiling point him 195,75 °C). A temperature in the natural environment of the earth simply does not exist. Liquid without color and odorless inert, non-toxic, non-explosive. By evaporation and heating to 20 °C one liter of liquid becomes 700 liters of gas. In addition, in the production of the liquefaction of nitrogen is much cheaper than the other liquefied inert gases such as helium.

Storage and transportation


Properties of liquid nitrogen due to the special conditions of storage and transportation. It is packaged in special containers - cryogenic tanks . It's a double Dewar vessels with vacuum insulation; cryogenic transport container, where the substance is under pressure, under pressure, and gasifiers. Transportation can be done by all types of transport in compliance with the requirements of GOST and the rules of transportation.

Storage use well ventilated warehouses protected by a canopy or open areas. Be careful, because, steaming, liquid nitrogen according to the laws of physics becomes nitrogen gas, which does not support respiration and can accumulate in the room to cause asphyxia. All equipment for the storage and transport of liquid nitrogen can be purchased in the company "Kriotek".



Low temperature and inertness liquid nitrogen gave rise to the most incredible and fantastic ideas for its use. I want to travel back two centuries forward? Lie down in the nitrogen bath, and 200 years rosmoravia and live in the future among propranalol! And the enemies? Stream magical liquid quickly freeze them, let's get where you want, and then defrosts and learn all their foul secrets! These fantastic ideas have not found their realization, maybe. But there were a huge number of real applications of liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant in science, food and chemical industry, medicine. Science does not stand still. So, for example, actively developing the idea of crimobile liquefied nitrogen. But French scientists using it has created and even shown at the exhibition in 2011, the flying skateboard. Apparently, this amazing substance has a great future!

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