Cryosauna – the way to health

Cryosauna – the way to health

More recently, the word "cryosauna" was unfamiliar to the General public. The notion seemed strange, and even paradoxical. Cryo and a sauna - as it is, what is it? The cold bath? Sounded uncomfortable... Today everything has changed: the modern claims to the success of the SPA or Fitness center has in its Arsenal krivoborodov and cryoprocedure are very popular among their visitors.

What is a cryosauna?


It's a small room, a cabin or a capsule filled with cooled to extremely low temperatures a gas: liquid nitrogen or air. A short stay in this cabin, has a beneficial effect.

From the history of cryosauna


The positive effects of cold on the body known since ancient times. In Russia it's and swimming in the ice hole, and dive into the snow after a hot bath. Ice or just cold we usually applied to the affected area, the injury, the bruise. Every woman knows that wiping the face with ice cubes or washing with snow preserves the youthfulness of the skin. But even in nature low negative temperature -60°C is rare. With the development of cryogenic technology was able to obtain very low temperature. And what do they act on the body? Figure it out empirically tried scientists and doctors from different countries. So even in the 80-ies of the last century a Japanese rheumatologist Toshima Yamauchi successfully used the camera, filled with chilled vapors of liquid nitrogen for treatment of arthritis. Work on the creation and improvement of equipment for General cryotherapy was carried out in Germany. As a result, in the early 90-ies of the last century the Germans developed the world's first cryosauna in which the cooling agent was ordinary air. The use of cold air allows you to take in the cryosauna as a whole, not just on the shoulders, as in the case of nitrogen, which, as we know, does not support respiration.

Types of Krisiun


There are different methods include: multiple and individual, with cooling with liquid nitrogen orltra-cold air designed for large medical centers and small fitness clubs. The company "Kriotek", known for its innovative developments in the field kriotehnika, supplied by the German air cryosauna last generation. Cryosauna is Crispas Crispas 2K and 3K is a high - tech cryo-systems for medical centers. Compact air cryosauna Criohome is intended for the private use of Wellness, SPA and Fitness centers, in private homes.

What, how and why cures cryotherapy


Almost no exaggeration to say that cryotherapy is a versatile technology for the treatment of very many diseases. Many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including rheumatological, neurological, respiratory, skin and gynecological diseases are cured or relieved with cryotherapy. However, there are some contraindications. So it is not recommended for cryoprocedure when peripheral circulatory disorders (Raynaud's disease, thrombosis), sickle-cell anemia and hypersensitivity to cold, as well as acute forms of certain diseases. Of course, the recommendation in each individual case gives the doctor. However, the list of indications for treatment is impressive. Can be found the panacea for all ills? Not quite. The body heals itself. Just ultra low temperatures are forced to Wake up his slumbering defenses, already resigned to the disease. Important systems of the organism under the influence of cold under stress, aktiviziruyutsya and begin to operate in "emergency mode", directing the energy to the most vulnerable, the weak zone. Run the mechanisms of regeneration, disease recede.

Cryosauna and beauty


Clear skin, slim figure, luxuriant hair are indispensable components of the idea of beauty and youth. But often, looking in the mirror, we feel only despair: youth goes fast, and life with its problems and troubles it leaves its sad traces on our aging bodies. Cryosauna allows to prolong youth. After a few sessions considerably increases the tone and improves skin, smoothens fine lines and wrinkles, the face looks much younger than before. A good helper is cryosauna in the struggle for weight loss. Increased blood circulation, burns fat cells, helps to get rid of extra pounds and even cellulite.

Way to health: fast, pleasant, inexpensive


Mankind has invented many effective ways of healing, but often they require a lot of time, which we so sorely lacking.

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