Air and local cryotherapy

Air and local cryotherapy

Application of local air cryotherapy in rehabilitation programmes aesthetic profile.

Panova O. S. - MD, Professor, Smirnova E. V. - dermatologist-physiotherapist
The center of cosmetology correction of CCB MO ran eklan


Therapeutic properties cold for aesthetic purposes has been used since ancient times: the healers of ancient China, Egypt, Greece, Rome recommended that cold water, ice, cold bandages for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin, for cleansing, lightening the skin to give it elasticity, tone. In Russia clinical use of refrigerants in dermatology and cosmetology began with the 50-ies of XX century traditionally developed in two methodological directions: cryosurgery and cryo.

Cryosurgery - a surgical method of tissue destruction and removal infiltrates, neoplasms, including those of viral origin, with very low temperature, the source of which are liquefied gases.

Cryo - therapeutic, preventive, therapeutic application of various refrigerants massage therapy modalities: ice, frozen phytorestore, gel packs, liquid nitrogen.
The use of liquid nitrogen as the cryo-facility, despite the simplicity and low cost, has several disadvantages: high probability of frostbite, a high degree of the subjective factor, the limited areas of exposure, discomfort (especially when exposed to sensitive areas), the difficulty of metering and regulation of cryotherapy, instability of operating temperatures, the need for storage and high consumption of liquid nitrogen. All of these objective factors have reduced the interest in cryotherapy.
Creation of installations of air cryotherapy in the early 90-ies (in Germany and Japan) not only recovered, but turned the role of cryotherapy in the whole area of scientific and practical research, including in aesthetic medicine.

Air cryotherapy (WCL) - the newest oneshnology cooling of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, in which the refrigerant is used dry atmospheric air with working temperature from -30°C to -120°C.
Air cryoprocedure allow you to quickly and locally to reduce the skin temperature by 10 to 20 degrees, have advantages over all other types of cold application: painlessness, safety, physiology, short duration (2 - 10 min), versatility, variability of techniques.

Reliable and reproducible effects of cryotherapy.


Anti-inflammatory effect is provided by several mechanisms: dehydration of tissue, decrease the activity of inflammatory mediators, increased anti-inflammatory cytokines and decrease Pro-inflammatory, inactivate enzyme collagenase, reducing C-reactive protein. Local cooling relieves congestion, edema, stasis, normalizes lymph flow, the level of enzymatic reactions, reduces allergic component.

Analgesic effect is achieved by several mechanisms: a sharp decline in the conductivity of the nervous tissue, activation of endorphin systems braking neutralize the chemical reactions to acetylcholine, histamine, and prostaglandin, leading to a pronounced analgesia, local anesthesia and to break the vicious cycle "pain - muscle spasm - pain".

Regulation of muscle tone occurs through inhibition of the functions of gamma-motor neuron system, as a result of the physiological muscle relaxation, removal muscle spasm, contractures. Brief exposure to moderately low temperatures increase the strength and endurance of muscles, improve skin turgor.

Activation of metabolism - is due to the carbohydrate metabolism (consumption of glycogen the liver and muscle), followed by carbohydrate changing fat, protein and enzymatic. Is changing the General metabolism aimed at changing the structure of the fat layer and accumulation of makroergov cells.

Restoration of microcirculation, which is based on a rhythmic change of vasoconstriction and vasodilation, followed by the opening of arteriovenous anastomoses leads to improved circulation not only in microvessels the blood stream but into the lymphatic channel.

Activation of cellular and humoral immunity is due to the normalization of T-lymphocytes, reduction of serum interleukin IL-1, IL-6, TNF-a (tumor necrosis factor).

Indications for use of air cryotherapy in dermatology.


All the positive effects of the cryotherapy is primarily manifested directly in the skin. Therefore, the application of local cryotherapy in dermatology and cosmetology is limited only individual intolerance to cold treatments.

Treatment of inflammatory and systemic skin diseases: acne, rosacea, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis, inflammatory dermatoses, psoriasis, etc.

Mild unwanted effects : pain, inflammation, lymphedema, erythema, irritation arising after conducting traumatic procedures: electrical and radiosurgery, plastic and laser surgery, all methods of hair removal, various types of dermabrasion, etc.

Regenerative effects of physiological tissue healing, restoration of surface structures and colors the pores, removing spasms, relaxation of facial muscles, toning, lifting.

Metabolic effect - regulation of metabolic, enzymatic processes, improve blood circulation and nourish the skin.

Transport effect - improve microcirculation and the membrane permeability facilitates the transfer of corrective substances and energy into the deeper layers of the dermis and hypodermis.

Testing the installation of Cryojet Mini.


Air cooling system skin Cryojet Mini - mobile cost neutral installation with adjustable flow moSnoy jets of cold air (-30) by a flexible hose to the treated area. Ergonomics, special interchangeable accessories, mobility provides easy to use installation Cryojet Mini in a comprehensive cosmetology programs in various modes.

The installation of Cryojet Mini works from normal 220V mains. On the display to set the required exposure in the range from 1 to 3, corresponding to a specific flow rate of cooling air (350 l/min - 1000L/min) and the exposure time in minutes (1 min - 25 min). Four interchangeable tips give you the opportunity to optimally choose the parameters of the procedures for operation in the synchronous mode cryotherapeutic and laser systems have an additional transition tripod and head.

All procedure parameters must be chosen taking into account the patient's individual sensitivity to cold, sensitivity of the tissue exposed to CGT, is defined nosological form and syndromic manifestation of the disease.


Adjustable and metered air cryotherapy.


Technique effects: labile, stable, combined.

The intensity of the impact: low, medium, high.

Duration of procedure: 1 - 3 min - short 5 - 15 minutes long.

The area of the cooled body surface: a scanning impact area on the curable and the impact point.

The treatment involves no less than 5 to 15 treatments. Carrying out up to 3 treatments per day with an interval of at least 6 hours, for example, in acute diseases, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

The temperature of the air flowreaching the skin, depends on the distance between the nozzle and the surface of the body: the lower, the lower exposure temperature.


Conditions CT.


Mouthnovka of Cryojet Mini can be placed in a physiotherapy room or operating both stationary and moving. Installation does not require grounding. The room in which treatments CGL, must be clean, well ventilated. Procedure air cryotherapy is safe and comfortable for both patients and medical staff.


Objectives and methods.


For the first time in Russian dermatology is a scientific systematic study of local air cryotherapy.

Us the results of the initial screenig-stage. The goal of this stage was to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the use of air cryotherapy in the three most relevant rehabilitation programs: rehabilitation after aesthetic operations profile, involutional changes of the skin, cellulite correction. The study was conducted on the basis of the center of cosmetology correction of CCB MO ran eklan. For clinical observations were selected three groups of patients:

Group 1. Postoperative rehabilitation: blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, rhytidectomy, laser skin resurfacing of the face.
Group 2. "Flabby skin"
Group 3. "Anti-cellulite correction."

For the 6 months it was released about 800 procedures air cryotherapy, in any case, there were no complications, side effects.


  Aging skin Postoperative rehabilitation Cellulite correction
The number of patients 20 36 15
37 - 58
31 - 69
27 - 54
Therapy Monotherapyia Monotherapy Monotherapy
Concomitant therapy


Performance criteria air cryotherapy: expert comparative assessment of the skin condition before and after the course, photography, subjective evaluation of their appearance by the patient.


The purpose of the air cryotherapy.


Group 1. "Postoperative rehabilitation".
Pain relief. Removing the negative residual effects: edema, lymphedema, erythema, spasm of the facial muscles. Launch regenerative processes. The restoration of microcirculation.

Group 2. "Aging skin".
Increased muscle tone and turgor of the skin, lymphatic drainage, skin lifting, removing edema, improving nutrition and cell regeneration, alignment of surface structure and color.

Group 3. "Anti-cellulite correction."
Improvement of microcirculation, lymph flow and outflow of interstitial fluid, massage of the dermis and of the hypodermis, the reduction of stagnation, intensifying metabolism in the epidermis and the dermis, activation of lipolysis.


The technique of cryotherapy.


Methods of exposure labile, massage pressura, scanning movements from the periphery to the centre massaging and lymphatic drainage points.


Mode aerial cryotherapy.


Capacity medium/high. Time 3 to 5 minutes per square decimeter. Distance of 3 - 7 cm 7 - 15 procedures a day.


Skin condition after a course of cryotherapy air.


Group 1. "Postoperative rehabilitation"
Improvement was observed after 2 - 4 treatments. After the course was the removal of inflammation, pain, swelling, redness. Resorbed hematoma, epithelization seams. On the site of the operation scar light pink, soft, smooth, supple, smooth texture and tone of skin. Removed increased tone of the facial and orbital muscles.

Group 2. "SWadausha skin".
Marked improvement after 5 - 7th procedure. After the course - a significant improvement in appearance, pronounced tightening of the eyelid skin, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, neck; structure alignment and color of the skin, narrowing of pores, reducing puffiness.

Group 3. "Anti-cellulite correction."
After the course was marked changes: the lifting of the skin, cellular hypodermis smoothed, increased muscle tone of the abdomen and thighs. Standard measuring sizes decreased by 3 - 4 cm In combined sequential exposure to CT and mesotherapy results are markedly higher: standard measurements decreased by 5 - 6 cm, skin turgor and muscle tone, a decrease in the density of the fat layer.

All patients noted good tolerance, the comfort of the procedures themselves, a pleasant feeling, invigorated after the treatment, indicated the severity of positive changes to its appearance.

Positive dynamics after cryoprocedure was observed long before the end of the course, which strengthened the positive attitude of the patients to the course (2 - 7 etc.).



Analysis of the obtained screening results allows us to draw the following conclusions:
1. Air cryotherapy is an effective method of influence in the rehabilitation of patients in postoperative period and significantly reduces recovery time.
In some clinical cases air cryotherapy was the only treatment of choice.
2. Air cryotherapy has effective impact at the problems of aging skin.
3. The use of air cryotherapy in cellulite correction leads to a pronounced positive dynamics.
4. Air cryotherapy effective and as monotherapy, and in combination with other treatments for these problems.
5. Installation of air cooling Cryojet Mini is a reliable, easy to operate, economical, maintenance free fully compliant with the standards of medical institutions estenergy direction.

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